What happened to us?
It feels like yesterday you were a part of me.
My another half
Having a rough night everyday thinking that we usually are on the phone at this hour.
To go through everything without you is tutoring me
Checking my phone every 5 minutes just in case you would text/call
Why can't I forget you? Your voice? Your sleepy voice? Your annoying laughter? Your smell?
I admit you were amazing cause you can make me fall in love with you this hard

I know I'm hard to handle but at least I'm worth it
I've tried to fix all the broken parts in our relationship but you said I was trying to put a blame on you 
It's fine. Cause all I want was for our relationship to run smoothly
Goodmorning/goodnight text wishes which I received almost every night suddenly become none.
Day by day, our days become dull. Why?
I didn't want to lose you.
I wanted to stay but hold on to something that was not there anymore.. Hurts

Honestly I'm not trying to blame you or what. Myb it's my fault
Whatever it is, Thank you for you love, your times when I need you the most
Your random jokes, you words that easily melt my heart
Bringing me to the clinic everytime I fall sick, Thank you
Forcing me to take my pills, Thank you
The fact that you were the first person on earth that tell me "I AM NOT ROMANTIC AND SWEET". Whaattttt?!!! Thank you
You were the reason I smile everyday, baby.
I must say that you were the best I ever had and you rocked my world okay?

I thought you would be the last guy I spend my whole life with but god knows better
I'm sorry for my harsh words 
I'm sorry if I never there when you need me
I'm sorry if I come off as annoying
I'm sorry if I let you down
I'm sorry if I am no fun
I'm sorry I'm not what you wanted
I'm sorry if I ever broke your heart
I'm sorry I was not good enough . But I  tried to be
I'm sorry for everything..

Now I know I have to move on.
It's time to delete you from my mind and erase you from my heart.
But I will never forget the times we had together and all the sweet memories that we've created.
Erase your number from my phonebook, Unfollow you on Twitter, Block you on Facebook or 
throw up your shirts. No.

I hope this would be the last I'll be talking about you because I strongly need to find myself back
I've never been this weak before and felt this kind of heartache. 
I told you, you were amazing :)

Believe me when I say I love you