Yesterday I woke up at 2++p.m. Echa kept calling me asking for her sweater. Sorry lahh babe, last night tido pukul 5++a.m almost to 5a.m kott. 2 days ni dok teman Najah, texting her, chilled her down and everything. Afiq got his result and Alhamdulillah :') even bukan straight A's but much muchhhh better compared to mine. Haha

Around 4p.m followed my mom and others went to Tesco to but their Back to school/college stuff. I have nothing to buy since alaahh paham paham je lahh dah tak sekolah ni kan. Nak beli apa je pun -.- Still nak ikut jugak nih. But gila pissed off semalam cause everyone treated me as I was invisible there. Grr Fine aa macam ni enn. But worth it lahh jugak cause I got my Hunnybunny BLACK FOREST! Thanks Mama ! Hihi :D Ohh and I bought all my food along this holiday. Banyak gila ! Heaven siott ! *holiday for me lah I meant, yang berkenaan sila pergi sekolah ye ;p

Balik tuh headache. Apehal tah. Then planned to lay my head on the pillow after dinner. Dah siap siap kemas sumer around 00.34a.m dah ready nak tido. sunddenly Najah texted asking if I'm free or not. I know that time she really needs me. But its okay teman lahh dia kejap. Padahal gila mengantuk dah memang on the way nak tido dah. So after texting a bit I called her till 2.20 mcm tuh. Haaa hamek kau ! At last 3a.m jugak lahh tido as usual.
But don't worry, I don't mind. Always bear in your mind that I am here for you. Everytime and anytime to comfort on your difficult days. Love you sweety pie :)