New start

Hey everyone! I'm back blogging again. So I created a new blog since the last one a bit messed up. Another 1 more paper to go on Thursday which is accounts. Ohh can't waitttt. Hehe. Then on friday mama decided to balik kampung subuh subuh tuh jugakk. But its okay cus till now we (Najah, Iefa, Echa, kaka, Zul, Farid, Habib) don't have any plan yet. I have to wait for the EA students to finish their paper on 20th dec. Make it fast pleaseeeee. Tak sabar dah mak nak enjoy ni haaaaaaa. EA students! Nak suruh I kejut kan ke pagi 20th dec tuh? Iyelahh kot kot tak bangun kann. Bajet konon dah habis paper macam I ni haa. No problemmm.. Sebab you ols I sanggup topup. Haha. Thats all for my first post :)