Do i need a title for this post?

On 19th Dec, I went to the PWTC for the Education fair with Najah, Her mom, and Daniel. Well the exhibition was fun, I meant okay lahh. We walk, took the brochures, fill up the form and the thing that really exciting was we got different design, colours of beg from different university. We collect as many beg as we could and added all together I got about 6 begs, 2 pens, and 1 notepad. I have made up mind that I'm going to futher my studies in Accounting. But Culinary Arts pun macam best jugak. Ohh and Web development
too ! Haih which one nii. Haha but whatever it is Accounting will be my first choice.

On our back, stopped at McD and we had our lunch there. We met this arabians KOT. OMG!
Their son goddamn cute wehh. Ya Allah ! His eyelash panjanggggg + lebat gilaaaaaaaaaaaa + lentik nak mampossssssssss ! Ish ! gerrraaaammmmmmm. Then we took a few pictures with him. His name is
Amirul ismael ( ignore the spelling cause i don't know )
Did I ever tell you that Najah lost her ticket? Haha *Don't worry babe I will keep my mouth shut! even i know you wouldn't care if  i tell pun kann. But its okay, I keep that as a secret. Btw, Finally !! got to meet up and chilling with you after 13 days we've been apart. Can't wait to meet you again ! Tell your umi, Thank you soo much for the treat. Hihi ;D